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Additional Dog Waste Bins Proposed for Hailsham

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Dog waste bin 

Dog waste bins are to be installed by Hailsham Town Council on Arlington Road East, Hawkswood Road/Amberstone and Marshfoot Lane in the near future, as part of the Town Council’s endeavour to keep its parks, play areas and public open spaces clean, tidy and free of dog waste.

The installation of the new dog waste bins will take the total number maintained by Hailsham Town Council or on Town-Council land/property up to 35 bins.

Richard Grocock, chairman of the Town Council’s Strategic Projects Committee said: “The installation of dog waste bins by the Town Council not only benefits the many responsible dog owners who already clean up after their pets but has encouraged many of those that didn’t in the past to do so.”

“We strive to maintain a clean and safe environment for residents and I would encourage all residents to do their part by continuing to help keep the town’s open spaces and footpaths clean and free of dog waste.”

>>Find out which waste bins are maintained by Hailsham Town Council

The Town Council has provided the following FAQ for residents on matters relating to the provision and maintenance of dog waste bins in Hailsham:

Q. How many dog waste bins does the Town Council maintain?

A. Hailsham Town Council currently provides 32 dog waste bins in a number of locations across the town owned or managed by the Council where residents can deposit dog fouling. Sites where bins are provided include the Common Pond, Western Road Recreation Ground, Hailsham Country Park, in addition to those on the Battle Road and Phoenix Close play areas and a number of public open spaces in Hailsham.

Q. How often do the dog waste bins get emptied?

A. The emptying of dog waste bins situated on Town Council-maintained land is carried out by twice a week all year round and enhanced in the case of any bin overflowing. Reviews and enhancements to the service are discussed where possible on a regular basis.

Q. Who is responsible for emptying dog waste bins which are not maintained by the Town Council?

A. The emptying of dog waste bins that are not maintained by the Town Council, i.e. those situated on public highways and footpaths in Hailsham, are also emptied on a weekly basis by Wealden District Council and enhanced if they overflow.

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