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Over 1400 Neighbourhood Plan Surveys Returned

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Aerial view of Hailsham 

Hailsham Town Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Team would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to all local residents who have completed the recent public consultation questionnaire and provided feedback on what key issues should be covered in the emerging Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan.

Residents were given the opportunity to complete the questionnaire, which is part of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee’s public consultation exercise aimed at gathering views on what is needed in Hailsham to support future housing development, also taking into consideration local environment and sustainability, design, traffic and transport, economy, services and facilities.

Representatives from the Neighbourhood Planning Team visited different parts of Hailsham in their mobile demonstration unit in June to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan and enable residents to complete their questionnaires on-site. The survey was also completed online and via hard copies available to collect from local public outlets.

“Hailsham needs a Neighbourhood Development Plan which will summarise the views of the local community in terms of future development and required infrastructure,” said Town Clerk John Harrison.

“Our questionnaire, the results of which will be collated and analysed soon, will help identify residents’ views on what is needed in Hailsham and the surrounding area. Residents’ input really does matter and plays an important part in developing the Neighbourhood Plan and we’re grateful to everyone who took part and completed their questionnaires.

Councillor Glenn Moore, chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee commented: “Our aim to gather as much evidence as possible about Hailsham’s current and future needs has been achieved successfully through this public consultation survey.”

“I’m delighted with the response rate and wish to thank everyone who took the time to fill in the questionnaire, whether that was via our ‘Road Show’ mobile demonstration unit, online, or by submitting it in one of our designated post-boxes.”

Once the questionnaire results have been collated and analysed, the Neighbourhood Planning Team will now look into the next phase of the project, which is utilising the information to enable various sub-groups to look at specific areas, including housing, environment and infrastructure.

Anyone who is interested in being part in any of these working groups should contact the relevant person below:


Cllr Nick Collinson:


Cllr Paul Soane:


Cllr Glenn Moore:


Cllr Mary Laxton:


Cllr Chriss Triandafyllou:


Cllr John Puttick:


Virginia Browne:

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