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Hailsham Hero Community Award

Do you know someone working for the benefit of the Hailsham community, who has committed an outstanding act of community service and who can be considered a ‘Community Champion’? Why not show your appreciation and nominate them for the Hailsham Hero Community Award’?

coverwebThe award is to celebrate those people working tirelessly amongst us, in recognition of outstanding service to the people of Hailsham, or perhaps a person who has committed a single act of bravery, heroism or selflessness in the past twelve months.

The Town Council is calling on the people across town to put forward nominations for the award and want you to provide information on someone in the community who achieves great things or has gone above and beyond what is expected of them to make things happen.

If you would like to nominate an individual, you will need to complete a nomination form (available on this page soon) to demonstrate that the person has made a significant contribution to the advancement, wellbeing and welfare of the people of Hailsham in a voluntary capacity, demonstrated excellent citizenship, or has committed a one-off act of heroism, selflessness or bravery.