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Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan

new-logoWelcome to the Neighbourhood Planning section of our website. On these pages, you will find the latest information on the progress of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Hailsham.

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NPT Event 1


Residents were invited to attend an interactive drop-in session to discuss and find out more about the progress of the Hailsham Neighbourhood Development Plan at the Hailsham East Community Centre on 9th February. At the public consultation, organisers were on hand to explain more about the neighbourhood planning process — including recent achievements — and explore how the Town Council and you — the residents — can take it forward successfully.

Statistics obtained from an analysis of the comments put forward at the public consultation event have revealed strong support for the Neighbourhood Planning Committee’s objectives.

NPT Event 7Results from an interactive ‘clicker’ poll which indicated that 64% of participants the redevelopment of brownfield sites and infill sites within the urban areas is the best way to accommodate new development in Hailsham. 41% of participants said they are happy with the community facilities in the town – although additional investment is needed – with 27% using facilities outside of Hailsham in nearby towns such as Eastbourne.

Find out more and get an in-depth report on the poll findings by visiting our Neighbourhood Plan public consultation page.

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During the next few months, the Town Council’s neighbourhood planning consultants will carry out a review of the Wealden Local Plan, the draft of which was published by Wealden District Council earlier this month, recommending a lower housing requirement than in the earlier Issues, Options & Recommendations document. Any remaining gaps in the evidence base will be identified.


An agreement will be made on the vision and objectives of the Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan and following this, an initial policy list draft will be produced prior to the preparation of a pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan document.

It is anticipated that the Neighbourhood Plan preparation process will be carried out in parallel to the draft Local Plan timescales.

We encourage you to get involved in  any future public consultations, surveys and other activities, details of which will be announced soon. This is a big project and the more people we have on board throughout the different stages the more influence we will all have on shaping the future of Hailsham.