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Neighbourhood Policing

PCSO Sue Choppin

Hailsham Central & North / South & West / East Wards

“I started working for Sussex Police in May 2004. No two days are the same and different shifts can actually seem like too different roles. Evenings tend to be busier with ASB whereas days are more about reassurance. I now cover the town centre of Hailsham so if you see me please feel free to come and have a chat. I look forward to meeting you.”

Contact: 07795 603678 or 01273 470101 |

PCSO Parrish Claxton

Hailsham Central & North / South & West / East Wards

“I joined Sussex Police as a police community support officer back in May 2004. My specific area of responsibility is towards the Town Farm area of Hailsham. I find this role very rewarding and varied, and it’s great knowing you’re putting something back into the community and that people feel safe and secure knowing you are about.”

Contact: 07787 685736 or 01273 470101 |

Sergeant Alex Sim

Hailsham Central & North / South & West / East Wards

“I am the local Neighbourhood Policing team Sergeant for the Hailsham area. Please contact me with any issues that you may have.”

Contact: 07795 603602 or 01273 470101 |